Defense Acquisition

Our customer’s success is our success as well.  We focus on our customer’s systems throughout it’s entire lifecycle. We work with our clients to make sure their systems are accredited and able to meet the challenges ahead— whatever the mission.



Since Warrant’s inception, we have been a provider of acquisition and sustainment logistics, and systems / software engineering support services.  Warrant’s staff
is readied to support defense and federal organizations in making of well-informed decisions on system requirements and allocating resources to meet those requirements based on analysis supported by detailed justification, thorough technical reports / findings provided to support decisions as necessary with sponsors. 

Warrant monitors the outcomes of decisions over time to detect relevant changes in conditions or in the accuracy of assumptions and adjusting technical, schedule and budgetary requirements and plans as conditions change over time.

Team Warrant members have supported Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition and sustainment logistics since 1994. Our Team members have acquired
hands-on experience, technical expertise, and the ability to manage efforts across the functional areas necessary to support our customers. Team Warrant members have a century plus of experience supporting DoD “science of logistics” and programmatic documentation.